pancakeHave you guys ever get bored of your same old usual breakfast – toasted bread with kaya and butter with a glass of hot coffee/milo ( a very typical Malaysian breakfast). Well, that is because I do. Hence, today’s topic for breakfast will be pancakes! Just a question, how many of you love pancakes? or do you prefer waffles?

Anyway, let me share with you a story. Last December as I was on a semester break, my family and I decided to travel to Singapore to visit my aunt and her family. She called and told us that she will prepare our breakfast. Honestly, I was slightly disappointed as I knew she would prepare us the same old usual breakfast. But no, she prepared us a good English breakfast with German sausages, Turkey hams, baked beans, juices, hot coffee and pancakes!


I’ve always love pancakes because it is soft and fluffy. But, when I google up on pancake recipes, I would give up on the thoughts of making my own and instead I’d go and buy one or get a premade pancake mix because of its long list of ingredients needed and complicated preparation.

But because what my aunt prepared tasted so good, I knew I had to ask her for the recipe and to my surprise, the ingredients were just a few where you already have at your home/get from a nearby supermarket. Besides, the preparation was simple, taking only a minimum of 15 minutes with overall 20 minutes. Well, with only 20 minutes of time needed, I could easily make one my own rather than travelling to a cafe, finding a parking, and paying for Rm10-15 + GST (how inconvenient and costly!). Why waste your money unnecessarily when you can buy all these ingredients for less than Rm10 and making it a few times/batch right?

I would say, this is the best pancake I’ve tasted so far ( because it is also homemade hehe).Now, let’s jump straight to the ingredients and preparation needed to make this pancake.

pancake ingredient .jpg

Ingredients per serving :

  • 1 cup self-raising flour
  • 1 egg
  • 3/4 cup of low-fat milk
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of oil

Toppings :

  • Any fruit of your choice
  • Honey/ Maple Syrup
  • Butter

Preparation : 

  1. Mix 1 cup of self-raising flour, egg, milk, sugar, and oil until combined. (Take note to not overmix or it won’t be as fluffy)
  2. Pour some vegetable oil on a kitchen towel and wipe it on your pan.
  3. Put 1/2 cup of your mixture on the pan and flip when turned light brown.
  4. Put on a piece of butter, fruits of your choice, and drizzle some honey/ maple syrup to enjoy!

pancake .jpg

Now, you can enjoy your morning by having a delicious, healthy yet simple to prepare breakfast ( or you can try impressing your friends too). I highly recommend you to give this a try  🙂



These pancakes are healthy as well as it provides your body some element of nutrients such as manganese which will form an enzyme that aid by sourcing metabolize energy from the food you enjoy. Moreover, it helped in the process of bone formation. Moving on, Pancake was said to provide our body with riboflavin. What a person need to know about riboflavin is that these grant us with Vitamin B by building our cells to produce energy. Furthermore, the amino acid tryptophan benefits the body by regulating our appetite, sleeping-walking -rhythm, and pain perception.


Look how simple and easy it is to prepare a delicious and healthy pancake on your own. Many of you have heard from your parents, or teachers that breakfast is the most important meal to start off the day.So why not starting off your day by enjoying a few slice of pancake.


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