Banana Chocolate and Strawberry Oat Cereal Cookies

How many of you love cookies? Personally, cookies are one of my favourite bites while I’m watching dramas as it is so delicious 😛 Famous Amos Cookies used to be one of my favourite bites but knowing it is really expensive, and obviously unhealthy as well. But not anymore as I’ve now found a healthier replacement for it ! As we know that, although the cookies are really delicious, they are high calories as well. Hence, we shouldn’t consume that much of these cookies as it will lead to excessive sugar and carbohydrate in our daily consumption.
To have healthier snacks, I try out this cookie recipe that without using of flour and sugar. These Banana Cereal Cookies  get a wholesome upgrade when you add a heaping dose of heart-healthy oats and potassium-rich banana. Now I can enjoy the cookies without concern of health as this is healthy yet delicious ! Let’s jump start to prepare this amazing Banana Cereal Cookies.
  • 2 regular bananas
  • 1 cup roll oats
  • 1/2 cup chocolate/ berry chips


  1. mash the 2 bananas and mix with the roll oats
  2. Pour the mixture on the baking paper and add chocolate/ berry chips on each of the small mixtures.
  3. Bake the mixture for 15 minutes, 350 degrees. You can either serve immediately or set aside.
As you can see, it is soo simple to make and it can be done within 2o minutes ! As a college student that is busy with the bunch, of course, works and exams, this will be a better healthy choice for your bites as it is not time-consuming 🙂 For those who having diet, these amazing healthy cookies can also satisfy your craving for something sweet as crispy! With the natural banana’s sweetener and oatmeal, it is definitely worth a try !

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